ISO Certification

With our company’s slogan “contribute to world progress through the creation of advanced technology and products,” SEL is focusing on creative research and development (R&D) to aim at commercialization. The result of R&D is possessed as our intellectual properties because of patent acquisition. The fruits of our R&D are commercialized, and the profits generated from our intellectual properties is reinvested to R&D.

For the smooth functioning of our business model, it is necessary that the information of R&D and information asset as intellectual property right be shared among employees at SEL to further develop our technology and be managed and protected properly to enhance our reliability as an R&D company.

Moreover, the R&D themes at SEL cover productivity and reliability as well as pursuing basic theories that lead to mass production in the future. As stated earlier, SEL’s mission is to contribute to the development of the industry with R&D of our technologies leading to mass production.

SEL has been certified to ISO/IEC 27001, which is one of the international standards on information security management system (ISMS) since February 9, 2007. Furthermore, SEL has been certified to ISO 9001, which is one of the international standards on quality management system (QMS) since August 6, 2010. Based on the concept of the standards, SEL will continuously improve operational efficiency.

ISO/IEC 27001

ISO27001 Certificate ISO27001 Appendix

ISO 9001

ISO9001 Certificate ISO9001 Appendix