For a safer mobile device with a longer life.
Searching for a rechargeable battery that withstands harsh environments.

Rechargeable batteries are widely used in mobile devices. Its uses are expanding from mobile devices to electric cars and airplanes, and thus safety is becoming more important. If a rechargeable battery existed that could supply more power over a long period of time per charge, convenience would improve and the usage of rechargeable batteries would expand even more.

At SEL, we are engaged in the R&D of long-life rechargeable batteries that can withstand harsh environments, and have a high energy density, while still prioritizing safety. Furthermore, we are developing safer nonflammable batteries as well as flexible batteries that can be applied to mobile devices as the next-generation power storage device.

Flexible Battery

Nonflammable Battery

Charge and Discharge Test

New Structure Electrode with Graphene Net

Anomaly Detection with AI for Rechargeable batteries

We are developing safe control system of rechargeable batteries such as lithium ion batteries with AI technology.

Artificial Intelligence