President Yamazaki's mentor: Dr. Yogoro Kato

At the beginning of the Taisho period (1912-1926) when Japan was still absorbing foreign industrial technologies, Dr. Kato, with his intention of establishing industries through creation and invention, dedicated himself as a leader in the development of Japan's electrochemical industry. Dr. Kato, an advocate of "progress based on creation," devoted his life to applied research and cultivation of human resources of Japan.

His philosophy of "Creation, Science, and Education" teaches the importance of facing problems with a pure heart and a clear conscience when creating technologies that are beneficial to society, as well as the significance of pioneers who will create those technologies.


1872 Born in Kariya city, Aichi prefecture, Japan
1895 Graduated from Doshisha Harris Science School
1903 Graduated from Kyoto Imperial University Studied at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) under the mentorship of Dr. A. A. Noyes (Dr. Kato's philosophy was born in this period)
1906 Became a professor at Tokyo Higher Technical School
(currently Tokyo Institute of Technology)
1930 Invented and patented ferrite core with Dr. Takeshi Takei
1935 Awarded an Order of the Sacred Treasure
1957 Started instruction in Creative Education in Karuizawa, Japan
Received the title "Person of Cultural Merits of Japan"
1964 Awarded the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Star
2000 Nominated "Honorary Citizen of Kariya city, Aichi prefecture, Japan"