Dedicated to the intellectual property (IP) creation cycle SEL practices such a unique business model

We look for research topics pertaining to forthcoming needs of society, find new principles by thorough research and development (R&D), and invent technologies that would solve problems. We concurrently obtain patents for those inventions to protect our intellectual property, and receive recognition that our technology and inventions are indeed valuable, when our technology and inventions are used all over the world, thereby contributing to the industrial development and leading to our profits. The obtained profits are further invested into other R&D fields to create new technologies.

This IP creation cycle which we are pursuing is the business model we aim for. If inventing is compared to "sowing;" obtaining patents, "cultivation;" using our technology in mass production, "fruition;" contributing to the industrial development and leading to our profits, "harvest;" and further investing into other R&D fields, "re-sowing," the business model we aim for can be described as an "agricultural business model."

In order to create next-generation inventions and technologies, we have made steady progress in cultivating the soil for our R&D since our founding. We protect the intellectual property rights of our invented technologies in this unique business model, and thus consistently file patent applications in the U.S., the EU, and other Asian countries such as China and Korea in addition to Japan. Currently, we are focusing on the R&D of OSLSI®, an ultra-low power consumption LSI, as well as safe and high-energy-density rechargeable batteries, with the aim of developing technologies that will directly contribute not only to industrial development but also to achieve a carbon-neutral world and stop global warming.

* OSLSI is a registered trademark of Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd. (Japanese trademark registration No. 5698906)