Corporate Philosophy


SEL was established in 1980, aiming to contribute to the world’s progress by transmitting fruits of innovative research and development pertaining to forthcoming needs of society. SEL’s core philosophy is “progress based on creation” which is a teaching of Dr. Yogoro Kato, the mentor of President Yamazaki.

SEL has the culture of open innovation and performs R&D process including simulation, design, fabrication, evaluation, analysis, and measurement, and patent acquisition and enforcement to be completed in-house. Furthermore, we believe that technologies can contribute to the industry development only when utilized by others. We strive to develop technologies for practical use.

The origin of company's name

The origin of company's name

SEL began with the R&D of solar batteries. The company’s name originates from solar batteries.

  1. Semiconductor = Materials for solar batteries (amorphous silicon)
  2. Energy = Conversion of light to energy
  3. Laboratory = R&D specialized company

Our logo features the sun, the sky, and the clouds as motifs.

SEL Logo