Inventions, which are the fruits of our R&D, are made tangible by patents. The patent portfolios are an indicator of our high technology and proof of our authenticity. When we receive recognition that our technologies are indeed valuable, our inventions are used in the form of patents, which leads to our profits.

Preparation of patent specifications as well as the process of patent application and registration are all carefully handled by our specialists in the Intellectual Property Division. Since we present our technologies to the world, international patent acquisition becomes important, and thus translation of patent specifications into appropriate languages for application in the U.S., EU, and various other countries throughout Asia is an integral part when preparing our patent specifications.

Our culture of open innovation is built on active communication between groups and departments, since all steps beginning with the invention of technologies to patent acquisition and patent enforcement are done in-house. Another strength of our IP Division lies in the fact that our specialists can directly contact the inventors at any time.