Inventions, which are the fruits of our R&D, are patented to be protected as our own technologies. The patent portfolios are an indicator of our high technology and proof of our authenticity. When we receive recognition that our technologies are indeed valuable, our inventions are used in the form of patents, which leads to our profits.

Preparation of patent specifications as well as the process of patent application and registration are all carefully handled by our specialists in the Intellectual Property Division. In order to send our technologies out to the world, we also place importance on obtaining rights overseas, and thus we translate patents by ourselves into appropriate languages for application in the U.S., EU, and Asian countries such as China and Korea. We work together with domestic and foreign law firms to conclude patent license agreements with companies around the world, and utilize patent rights on a global basis, which are directly linked to our revenue.

In addition to all the process conducting in-house, another strength of our IP division lies in the fact that our specialists can directly contact the inventors at any time.