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January 2024
Support to the areas affected by the Noto Peninsula Earthquake and those who live in the areas.


June 2023

Wins Best Poster Presentation Award (3rd) for the paper on “Vertical oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor with extremely low off-state current” at ULSIC vs. TFT 8
April 2023
President Yamazaki received IEEE Solid-State Circuit Society (SSCS) Japan Industry Contribution Award 2023
April 2023
President Yamazaki was named as one of Top Scientists by


September 2022
SSDM Young Researcher Award
May 2022
Presents ultra-small and high-resolution displays for AR/VR at SID Display Week 2022 Conference (May 8 to 13, 2022)
January 2022
Validity of important patent for OLED technology was upheld


September 2021
Received The American Ceramic Society Richard M. Fulrath Awards
April 2021
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory and Silvaco Jointly Develop SPICE Model of Oxide Semiconductor FETs


December 2020
Exhibits at IEDM2020 (December 6 to 18, 2020)


December 2019
Smartphone using CAAC-IGZO® technology wins 2019 R&D 100 Award
November 2019
Exhibits at IEDM2019 (December 9 to 11, 2019)
August 2019
Exhibits at SSDM2019 (September 3 to 5, 2019)
June 2019

Wins Best Poster Presentation Award (2nd) for the paper on “Analysis of IGZO crystalline structure and its stability by first-principles calculations” at ULSIC vs. TFT 7
June 2019

Wins Distinguished Paper Award for the papers on “OLED Display Incorporating Organic Image Sensor” and “5291 ppi OLED display” at SID Display Week 2019
April 2019
Exhibits at SID Display Week 2019
March 2019
Exhibits at AI EXPO TOKYO 2019 - 3rd Artificial Intelligence Exhibition & Conference -
February 2019
Exhibits at BATTERY JAPAN 2019 - 10th Int'l Rechargeable Battery Expo


November 2018
Exhibits at The 59th Battery Symposium, IEDM 2018, and SEMICON Japan 2018
November 2018
President Yamazaki wins W. David Kingery Award
August 2018
Exhibits at SSDM2018 (September 11 to 13, 2018)
May 2018
SEL wins Invention Award from Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation
March 2018
Exhibits at 2nd AI EXPO (April 4 to 6, 2018)

Past News

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