Privacy Policy

Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd. (SEL) is committed to respecting and protecting individual privacy.
In compliance with“Act on the Protection of Personal Information”stipulated by Japan law, SEL establishes its management regulations of personal information, which SEL systematically implements, and strictly controls the treatment of personal information.

Protection of Personal Information
SEL appoints a Chief Privacy Officer to properly implement a compliance program for the implementation and execution of the protection of personal information.

Education and Training for Personal Information Protection
SEL strives to educate and train all of its executives, employees, contract workers, and part-time workers to understand the importance of personal information protection to ensure proper treatment of personal information.

Scope of Use of Personal Information
SEL treats a variety of personally identifiable information (such as name, address, phone number, and e-mail address) as personal information. SEL uses personal information only with the consent of an individual from whom the personal information is obtained, unless there is a reasonable cause as determined under laws, regulations, etc.

Alteration or Deletion of Personal Information
Personal information provided to SEL is only altered or deleted when requested by an individual upon confirmation of identity. If alteration or deletion is necessary, please notify SEL.

Confidentiality of Personal Information
SEL handles personal information with great care and strives to take preventive and corrective measures against unauthorized access to personal information, as well as loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, etc. of personal information in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Disclosure of Personal Information
SEL does not disclose personal information provided by an individual to third parties, unless there is a reasonable cause as determined under laws, regulations, etc.

Revision of Privacy Policy
SEL regularly reviews its privacy policy and may make changes as necessary.

Revised on April 1, 2005

* Please contact our General Affairs Division if you have any questions or comments regarding our privacy policy or any inquiries on disclosure of personal information etc.