Since its founding, SEL had been concerned for the environment. “Kindness” to the earth is a given in our R&D.

Silicon is the most abundant material on earth.

Our company's history begins with the development of solar batteries using amorphous silicon. The field of solar battery is a promising one in that it provides a means to create energy without generating CO2, thus being environmentally friendly. The technology developed for solar battery has been applied to technology for thin-film transistors (TFTs), and has been utilized for various products we use, such as liquid crystal displays. Today, our main focus lies on the potential use of oxide semiconductors and rechargeable batteries, and we are also developing new technologies that make it possible to reduce the power consumption in electronic devices for a decarbonized society.

No matter how advanced our technology might become, kindness will always be a part of our DNA, and will always be a given in our research and development. Since our founding, we strove to engage in R/D that is one step ahead of market demand and to always project technologies that captures the mainstream. We believe that kindness towards people as well as the environment is essential when it comes to inventing technologies that captivate people’s hearts. Therefore, with this as our core value, we strive every day to achieve new technological innovations.

Main R&D Subjects

Crystalline Oxide Semiconductor

Rechargeable battery