What we can do now for the Earth.Challenge with our technological development using semiconductors for global warming solutions.

Our company’s history begins with the development of solar batteries. We have inherited the semiconductor processing technology acquired through the development of solar batteries and applied to thin-film transistor (TFT) technology. Today, our main focus lies on new semiconductor materials, “crystalline oxide semiconductors,” which enable power savings of semiconductor products. We strive to solve environmental problems.

SEL’s technologies are utilized in a variety of display products around us. We can offer solutions for extreme power savings in the electronics field by application of our crystalline oxide semiconductor technology to large-scale integrated circuits (LSIs).

We also advance development of rechargeable batteries with high energy density and long life and high-performance OLEDs, which are expected to contribute to realization of low-carbon society. We are working on innovative research and development to offer technologies the world needs.

Main R&D Subjects

Crystalline Oxide Semiconductor

Rechargeable battery