Organic EL Display (using CGS® technology)

We developed an active matrix organic EL display using CGS technology.
The active matrix type is suitable for a display with a large number of pixels. Such a display comprises nearly one million pixels, each of which has an organic EL element provided with TFTs. By controlling current supply to each pixel, longer life and lower power cconsumption were able to be achieved.
We have obtained many fundamental patents for this technology, nationally as well as internationally.

Our History of Organic EL Display Development using CGS Technology

1995 Announced the world’s first active-type organic EL display from TDK Corporation through joint development
2000 Announced an active-type organic EL display at SID 2000
2000 Participated in CEATEC JAPAN 2000 and issued a news release
2000 Announced a triplet panel at EL 2000
2001 Established a joint venture company, ELDis, Inc., with two other companies for manufacture and sales of TFT substrate for organic EL displays
2003 Exhibited a dual emission organic EL display at a joint booth in the 13th FPD Manufacturing and Technology Expo & Conference (FINETECH JAPAN)
2003 Developed and Announced a 4.3 inch VGA organic EL panel with the world’s highest pixel density of 188 ppi (260,000 colors)
2004 Developed and Announced a 1.5 inch QXGA organic EL panel with the world’s highest pixel density of 423 ppi (aperture ratio: 75 %)

Dual Emission

▲ Schematic View of Dual Emission (1 screen 2 display) Organic EL Panel
Dual Emission OEL
▲ Dual Emission Organic EL Panel

* CGS is a registered trademark of Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.
(Japanese trademark registration No. 4335464).